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Forged: Made Strong in Weakness is an autobiographical saga of a life being shaped and molded. It follows my life story and development from a boy into a man fueled by the call of God. Beginning with a terminal diagnosis at the age of three, delving into the pain and sorrowful cries of a young boy posing the question “why me?” to the unmerited blessings poured out upon a young man who refused to give up, it’s a story of triumph and overcoming. It invites the reader into a world where love and joy are exhibited in a family by the grace of God. Alongside the author, they’ll experience heartache and loss, reflection and self-evaluation, laughter and contentment while deep truths are planted in their hearts. It unabashedly demonstrates how to better trust our Heavenly Father, how to depend on our family, how to cope with loss, and in the midst of it all how to experience joy. Ultimately, it shows us how to alter our paradox; enabling us to view ourselves as having been forged and molded by the hammerings, beatings, and delights that make up our journey.

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