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Sean Neal is a fighter. He doesn’t let anything stop him. He lives life with a ferocity unmatched by even the staunchest of athletes. He’s fiercely competitive and views this life as a competition, one in which he is determined to win, resolute to continue climbing, taking footholds and holding his ground in the battle to become the best version of himself.

This attitude didn’t just simply appear, however. It wasn’t bestowed upon him. Instead it had to be built. It had to be hardened and molded and his very nature cast into it. How? Through the trials and tribulations of this life. He knows what it feels like to just want to give up; like it's not worth it. After being told he wouldn’t live past age ten by an ill-informed doctor he was later diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He experienced great physical and emotional pain and had multiple surgeries by the age of twelve. Yet his story isn’t a dismal one. Instead it’s about love, hope, and victory.

Through an unshakable faith and belief in Jesus, he views himself as a kingdom warrior for Christ. Through his eyes, you would not see a disabled man, but rather one who rises to the occasion. His greatest pride is seeing the love of Jesus demonstrated in others and spending time with his family and those he loves.

He was born the son of a farmer and grew up with a passion for agriculture. Being physically unable to partake in many aspects of the farm he pursued finance and excelled academically. He graduated from Washington State University with a degree in finance after which he pursued a career as a financial advisor. Following his stint with Edward Jones Investments he found an opportunity to work for his alma mater, WSU, where he currently works as an analyst. His real passion, however, is the farm and sharing the love of Christ with audiences of varying kinds.


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